BBR(Blockchain Business Review) is committed
to making a better world by using Blockchain technology.

Endorsement Messages

In the partnership with BBR(Blockchain Business Review), we are planning to select and support 300 start-ups over the next three years in the field of technology. The ICON will actively invest and develop them to enter the Blockchain ecosystem as a bridge.

Dr. Roger Zbinden
Embassy of Switzerland
Head, Swiss Business Hub

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies will have the same impact on our daily life as the advent of the internet 20 years ago. As a strong supporterof the Swiss Cryptovalley here in Korea, I am extremely happy to see that young Korean talents are getting interested in these new technologies and concepts. I sincerely congratulate BBR for the organization of the Block Camp Hackathon in Seoul, and wish youevery success.

Dr. Don Tapscott
Author of Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain is foundational to the 2nd digital age and South Korea has emerged as a global leader in this field. Events like the BlockCamp Hackathon are helping to lay the foundation with the next generation of emerging leaders, who could help make South Korea the innovation capital of this new era. We are delighted to share our heartfelt congratulations to BlockCamp for organizing this event and wish all the participants, contestants, partners and sponsors the best of luck and many future successes!

Dr. Frank-Jurgen Richter

Horasis: The Global Visions Community
"Young Davos Forum(New York Times)"

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, big fours are AI, IOT, Big Data, and Blockchain. If the other three techologies will increase the "efficiency and convenience" of human society, I believe that the blockchain will promote "trust". I sincerely congratulate your BBR Global Hackerthon in Seoul. I look forward to inspiring a lot of excellent start-up ideas for future society and more decentralized world.

KJ Lee
Chairman of ICON Foundation

It is essential that we support Blockchain projects that improve the overall quality of the industry, and it is valuable to collaborate with companies that will use Blockchain technology to make our world a better place. The first Blockchain University called "Woolf University" will be a role model of a Blockchain-powered higher education and social responsibility by allowing colleges of students and teachers to form anywhere in the world. I hope that BBR (Blockchain Business Review) will be an excellent platform for fostering a responsible society of Blockchain companies.

Dr. Joshua Broggi
Woolf, Founder and CEO, Faculty, University of Oxford

When I first got into Blockchain, I thought it will be democratization of information. I truly felt it will change the world but now I think it will need to involve many more people. In a few years, when the adoption of Blockchain becomes just a normal thing, people will just use it without thinking too much about it. We are still in a very initial stage of the Blockchain development so it will take more time. But we also need many people, and I think BBR can stimulate people with no doubt.

Jay Lee
Co-Chair of BBR
President of YBL(Yonsei Blockchain Lab)

Blockchain is all about people. It will accelerate a more democratized and decentralized human world to treat all people as peers. The Blockchain is the digital decentralized ledger at the heart of the digital revolution. However, the algorithm does not dominate humans on human beings. Blockchain does not discriminate people in hierarchy. It will break the boundaries between borders and races. It will break up the intermediary structure to take excessive wealth. I believe that the distributed web based on Blockchain returns power to humans.

Professor H. Yeo
Co-founder of BBR
(, 82-10-9296-6775)

Blockchain is at the center of vortex of the fourth industrial revolution which includes big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, robotics, 3-D printing and virtual reality etc. I hope Blockchain Business Review Headquartered in Seoul, will become an intellectual working group that is vital to the search for such technology Start-ups and to apply them to business and everyday life. I am sure that the Blockchain Business Review will be the most authoritative group of business intellectuals who play a historically important role in bringing key technology into successful business.

James Sungjin Kim
Chairman, Operations Committee,
Korean American Chamber of Commerce in Greater New York.

Blockchain is philosophy for tomorrow and technology for the future. I wish that Blockchain will accelerate the legacy-based existing business to transform into a blockchain-powered innovation as well as to introduce new concept of business. We hope that Blockchain Business Review(BBR) plays a solid role in the swirl of change and innovation as a mentor to the Blockchain industry so as to build the sound development of a Blockchain ecosystem.

Dr. Cho Min-Yang,
Vice Chairman of Korea Society of Blockchain
Professor of Computer Software at Dong Seoul University.



Blockchain Business Review
for start ups with investors and experts

What is BBR(Blockchain Business Review)?

Blockchain Business Review (hereinafter referred to as ‘BBR’) refers to the pursuit of Harvard Business Review-style magazine, that contributes if it is meaningful at the idea stage.

BBR adopts the Minerva school education model, which focuses on developing intellect such as critical life skills, professional capabilities, and key aspects of personal character. BBR reviews global business models, conducts market researches, and shares practical knowledge from real business case studies BBR is going to select top 10 Blockchain start-up at the end of the program.

Why BBR(Blockchain Business Review)?

why_bbr · Projects presenters can pitch their idea or business model
· Investors can find promising Blockchain business projects and start-ups
· Reviewers can study or evaluate many kind of Blockchain business cases

Top 10 Leaders and Pioneers

Selection Process

Process : BBL

Best Business Leaders
Top 10

Process : BTP

Technology Pioneers
Top 10

Launching Day : November 15, 2018

(For the selection process) -Please recommend best promising Start-ups leaders and technology pioneers in Blockchain. The Leaders Community will be launched in Blockchain business and technology. Especially top potential leaders to lead the 4-IR era(4th Industrial Revolution Age) in Blockchain will be found in your hands.  This will be announced on 15 November, 2018 through the prestigious selection process.

Mission statement

The purpose of BBR is to contribute to the development of a healthy Blockchain ecosystem, the creation of jobs related to the 4th industry, and the enhancement of global competitiveness through KSP(knowledge sharing program). KSP(knowledge sharing programs) for and among start-ups, developers, investors, and experts. BBR is committed to contributing to the improvement of quality of life by creating future jobs. BBR carries out the following business.

To accomplish the purpose of BBR, it carries out business of the followings.

1. KSP (trend analysis, knowledge sharing program-KSP, learning opportunities)
2. Select best business leaders and technology pioneers in Blockchain; and case review for them
3. Select Start-ups, support and resource collection
4. Various business to perform the purpose of this organization